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Steve’s Car History

OK so if you’re reading this you have way too much time on your hands.

So what have cars, bikes, boats etc. have in common with Audio / Video equipment? Bugger all if you ask me, however we had some time on our hands so we thought we might share some vehicular experiences with you (you don't have to read this you know). Steve, the owner of this fine establishment (co-owner with the ANZ bank actually) has always had a penchant for cars, which is why he is still in overdraft and will probably never have any money of his own. Here is a list in rough chronological order of his cars, some of these were company cars and a lot were his wife's cars (he still got to play with them though) Volkswagen (1955 model in Duck Egg Green) - written off after a year. FC Holden (with lay back seats - heh heh) Isuzu Bellett (bet you haven't heard of one of those for a while) 1969 Datsun 1600 (with added twin SU carbies) 1971 Datsun 1600 (installed Weber DCOE Carbie on this one) 1973 Holden Kingswood (Oh No, not the Kingswood!) Ford Cortina (2 litre) - my first and last Yellow car. 1975 Mazda 323 1976 Mazda 929 1977 Valiant Austin Healy Sprite MK III (shake, rattle and roll with no go) Ford Falcon (very mundane) 1977 Holden V8 Hatchback (what a dog that was) 1978 Ford Cortina a very old Ford Station Wagon (V8 I think) Mitsubishi Sigma Station Wagon 1979 Honda Prelude (fun fun fun) Toyota Corolla Panel Van (cost me $2000 and was good for small deliveries) Yet another Mitsubishi Sigma Station Wagon Fiat X1-9 (I think that's what it was called) Kept dropping clutches. Holden Calais V8 (my first car with power windows) 1981 Ford Falcon Station Wagon (without power steering - big mistake) 1982 Nissan Skyline Hatchback (so bad I traded it in after 3 months) 1982 Nissan 280 ZX (at last, a real car) 1984 Mazda RX 7 (I love the feel of a rotary) Toyota Corolla Van (staff car) 1986 BMW 323i two door. (drove and handled like a pig) 1987 Nissan 300 ZX (Second hand) 1988 Nissan 300 ZX Turbo (I loved the whistling sound of the turbo) Toyota MR2 (sold it after a couple of months 'cause it hurt my elbow) Honda CRX (more fun than the MR2) Nissan Maxima (couldn't get comfortable in it so gave it to the wife) Nissan Skyline Station Wagon (for work - why else?) 1990 Toyota Celica (the wife liked the looks and hated the Maxima) 1991 Nissan 300 ZX (was and probably still is the best looking mass produced car in the world - pity about the performance) 1992 Nissan Patrol (the ultimate urban assault vehicle) 1993 Subaru Liberty Station Wagon Nissan Maxima (you'd think I'd learn wouldn't you) Toyota RAV 4 Three Door (cute) Subaru SVX (the most underrated car of the early '90s) Nissan Pathfinder Another Subaru SVX (couldn't live without one) Subaru Forester (I loved it but my wife hated it so it went) Mercedes A160 (cheap plastic inside - should have bought Corolla) Lexus ES 300 (should have bought a Camry) Renault Scenic (great car - lousy service) Mazda MX-5 (just hit my second mid life crisis) Nissan Maxima (What, again?) Lexus RX 330 (My first car with sat. nav.) BMW 325i, noisy, gutless and the worst sound system of any car I've ever owned. Nissan 350Z Roadster (now that was fun - wears off after a year though) Kia Prado diesel delivery van - the most gutless, unreliable piece of crap ever unleashed. Lexus GS300 (nice and quiet with good sound system) Mini Cooper S Chilli Pack (it's the wife's actually but I get to play with it) Lexus IS250 (if only it had an extra 50 kW) Yamaha TDM900 Motorcycle (I've had over 15 others but that was so long ago I forget most of them). Audi A3 Cabrio, 1.8 Turbo (again the wife's car, I don't get to play with this one as much as she's very possessive of it) Audi A5 Cabrio, 3.0 litre Turbo Diesel - once you get used to the turbo lag, the 500nm of torque at 1500RPM is addictive! Pity it kept breaking down and had more recalls than any other car I've owned - not to mention the wear and tear with the roof after 20 months which Audi said was normal (on a $120,000 car!) That said, Matt (Service Manager) at Audi Pennant Hills helped out and if it wasn't for him I'd be quite vocal on this one. Lexus IS350, everything the IS250 was but with an extra 77kW, as of 2012, the best car (and quickest - 13.5 for the 1/4 mile) I've ever owned. Lexus RX350 (for the missus) beautiful and serene to ride in and great price from Lexus of Parramatta (had to plug them) Lexus GS350 F Sport. Got railroaded into this by Mark Turner (General Manager, Lexus and Toyota Parramatta) Not the worlds best car salesman but very close.  Traded the IS350 and now have a bigger car, almost as quick but with more toys on board than a Toy's R Us Store. Just brilliant and outclasses the IS350 in every department apart from a little nimbleness. - Ah, had to trade in the TDM-900 Motorcycle as part of the deal (Wife’s deal that is) Lexus NX-200t F Sports to replace the RX-350 “truck”. The smaller SUV is way more nimble and easier to park. It also has more toys on board than my GS 350 - I’m jealous and try to get to drive it whenever the lovely Noelene lets me. The two litre turbo is a little ripper. Lexus RC350 F Sports to replace my GS350. Same motor, stiffer chassis. Handles like nothing I’ve had before although it could do with another 50kW. Another Mid-Life crises purchase (makes you wonder how many mid-life crises one man can have). My ninth Lexus. No wonder I’m on their mailing list. Stay tuned, I ain't finished yet!  
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