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Ok, so I'm bored - lets list some fun stuff. Some A/V related, some not. I'm only just starting this thing so if you have any idea's or interesting links, just send them on for my perusal. Lets start with the head of the Neil clan. The Claw (AKA Audrey the Cat) has become somewhat of a celebrity since deforesting Beecroft and half of the surrounding suburbs with her penchant for eating greenery. Her sister, Georgie, has now posted her life on Instagram. She may look peaceful in the photo’s but, believe me, she’ll shred you to pieces if you upset her. http://websta.me/tag/fataudrey Clive Robertson has been a fixture in the Australian media for longer than I can remember (although he's not much older than I) and can be quite erudite when circumstances allow (and downright miserable and unforthcoming at other times). Clive has the most eclectic taste in music I've ever encountered, he's a fountain of knowledge on classical music (in the generic classical sense) and yet is a great fan of Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison. His personal audio set up is a varied collection of equipment accumulated over the years, his one staple among the many bits and pieces however are his Paradigm Speakers (Studio 100's in one room and Studio 60's in the other). These weren't purchased on my insistence or recommendation, just Clive's own research and listening experiences (he traded a set of B&W 800 series on the 100's). Many years ago I posted a list of my personal toys, past and present - Just for fun, I'll put them back on the site Steve's Vehicles I’m always looking for new CD's as demo's to show off speaker systems and to that end get a lot sent to me from aspiring artists (plus I buy a heap of CD's from here and overseas). One CD that took my fancy as a well produced, clear sounding and actually was soothing to play in the car during my stressful commute was from a lady called Roseanna Gallo, the CD is called "On the right track" and is available from her website http://www.rgmusic.com.au/ Apart from the religious connotation (which doesn't manifest itself to any great degree) it's well worth buying as a system tester if not a relaxation and mood enhancer. Recommended. Update - Roseanna has a new double CD available for $30 available via her website. The production is better than the first although the lyrics are a bit deeper. Food! - next to drink, my favourite pastime. The best restaurant around Sydney (according to Trip Advisor and everyone I know who’s been there) is L’isle de France in Terrigal, just North of Sydney. Not cheap (unless you take advantage of the weekday specials) but absolutely superb cuisine and well worth the trip up north. Co-Owner Bernard Mallet is a long-time friend and customer of ours here at Eastwood HiFi and to discover he’s something more than a raving Hi-Fi obsessed Mauritian was quite a revelation. http://lisledefranceterrigal.com.au/ Now, for all you coffee lovers, I've discovered a source of Coffee Beans which just blows away any other I've tried, go to their site at www.baybeans.com.au and try some. They give free delivery and, next to a good Bourbon, the best liquid you can drink!
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